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The Perks of being a Wallflower...I admit it..

Hello there, thought I would write honestly about... being a florist wallflower anddd the benefits of this! I work as a part-time florist and have a cozy business... Using this blog as a place of florist truth! Things I was seeking or wandering... hence my title of myself in business "Chief Flower Wanderer" True in business and in my life!

So, you may ask yourself: WHAT is the benefit of being a florist wallflower:


See myself somewhere between a consultant and a stylist in the field of botanics. What this means, is I have a very specific artist point of view. See the world of florals in a unique way, and as floral designers SO DO YOU! The very cool thing: All ways are correct, no wrong ways!

Choose whom to say yes to work/share and create for... Because this role is not my primary one, it is a flexible way do and be in business. MAKE no mistake this is business!


As floral designers, we seem to operate in parallel time zone. We rise at 4AM (sometimes 3AM for a market run) Very fast paced and constantly hinged forward.. Your time becomes "so precious" and speaking as a single-mom, you time becomes structured and organized in a way that few can understand! This is a mad skill, and another ethereal world we enter into. Changing the way you measure time and life.

Not many people understand the "upside down world" - Yes! myself and my teenage daughter watch and are fans of "Stranger Things"" xx


Okay, this is uncomfortable to say, yes, we do! We choose our worth, we choose how much our creative time is worth, and my number and your number may be different and guess what: BOTH are right. We get to choose how we show up in the world. My business blueprint may/will be different than yours... BOTH are correct! My life/business goals are different than yours. Also on the other side of the coin - choose to give back! We choose this!

Real freedom in choosing this number...


This part, I adore, I get to say "taking a break", "yes", "no", "maybe" - you become your own boss and do not have to ask permission. Living life on your terms.. Pretty cool, scary and wonderful.. Learning sides of entrepreneur self that you did not know existed.


You get to flex your marketing muscle, to keep this working you have keep working it out! Know that is ever-changing landscape with social media platforms. I still have to keep up too! Sounds funny for those who just want to create florals all day! "If I build it, they will come" motto.. (okay clearly another movie Field of Dream reference") This is another piece we must learn! As creatives, I quite enjoy this part too!

FULL Disclosure: I have done a marketing course and worked in marketing .. I LOVE IT as love creating content! Which is annoying for people around me! LOL

Hope you enjoyed my honesty, love to hear about your floral journey...

~ think of the words of the author “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” — Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Truer words were never spoken...

Wishing you flowers and sunshine

-Wendy - Chief Flower Wanderer

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