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Top 14 Flower MOMENTS on Film

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Hello Flower Friends! My name is Wendy, and I am a “budding florist! Adore ALL things flowers and of course movies too. This blog is nothing more than a diary to all whom love florals. (or me sharing my flower diary with you) I knew I had officially fallen for florals when I watch film and PAUSE the screen for a closer look at the flowers! I love comedy, books, and movies that share a story. (Crazy fan of vintage movies and love period pieces and a good rom com) Hope you enjoy as I do believe that flower play an important role of visual impact in cinema.

1 The Wizard of Oz – much- loved classic which in the year 1939 would have been amazing to behold the pioneering use of colour. Bold and beautiful movie. Who can forget the iconic scene of Dorothy falling asleep in the red poppies. Some of the most iconic imagery and quotes come from this story, from the red ruby slippers, coloured horses (painted from Jell-O, no less) to the infamous quote “no place like home” and who can forget the song “somewhere over the rainbow.

(flower fact: Poppies have been known since ancient times to be the source of opium, a "milk" produced in their seed pods. Opium is one of the world's oldest known medicines and arguably one of the most important, used for pain relief and as a sleep aid. In a time before synthetic medicines, pharmacy students of the late 19th century studied medicinal plants which were the source of most drugs) (flower note:*EASY to grow*)

2. Last Tango in Paris – Okay, this scene is beautiful as “Rosa” is in a open-casket surrounded by beautiful purple and pink flowers. I believe they are hydrangeas, even re-watched this scene to take a closer look. Such a gorgeous and lavish flower scene. I cannot say I like/enjoyed this movie, I will say that Marlon Brando is an amazing actor. As this is a movie list about flowers, felt I could not leave this out, as this floral scene is stunning for it time. As Forest Gump would say “That’s all I got to say about that”….

3.Vertigo – Alfred Hitchcock’s MASTERPIECE of a film, I have watched this move SO many times! James Stewart “Scottie” is a newly retired detective employed by an acquaintance to follow his wife Madeline (THE Kim Novak). The fashion by THE Edith Head, whom is also one of my most favorite fashion designers of her time. At the beginning of the move, she enters the MOST amazing florist to purchase a small dainty bunch of flowers. Podesta Baldocchi, Back then, one the oldest operating florists in San Francisco and still delivering today – packed with beautiful blooms. Later, we see these flowers are a representative of herself.

As I work from a home studio, dream of having a shop like this!

I love ALL things about this movie, you should watch it if you have not seen it.

4. Memoirs of a Geisha – This movie is a living piece of art itself, the music, the feast for the eyes especially the cherry blossom, a stunning tree and great cultural significance in Japan. Here Sayuri goes for a walk with her beloved Chairman. (a man she loves but cannot be with) As a girl from Georgia, we grew up attending Macon’s “Cherry Blossom Festival”. Have many fond memories of this tree whilst growing up. They are gorgeous tree’s in which images do not do it justice. This movie is a beautiful, true and somewhat sad of what the human spirit can endure/grow. (*flower note: main pest of the leaves are slugs and fungal diseases, which can be controlled*)

5. American Beauty – The deep American Beauty rose is not only the name of the 1999 film but also a beauty in its own right. Like it or loathe it, the movie’s most iconic scenes is where a young woman lies unclothed on a bed of crimson red petals.

Did you know this flower is of French origin? Imported in 1885 by an American grower Bancroft and patriotically rechristened it. As Americans fell in love with its beautiful colour. It is a rare flower today and is a beauty if you can get your hands on it. *flower note: suffers from mildew, if you choose to grow it*­

6. The Secret Garden – This is one of my most favorite films. (AND BOOKS) (Prefer the 1987 Hallmark version, although there are several goodies to choose from) This movie is about a young girl whom is sent to live with her uncle after her parents die. Along the way, she meets new friends and as she discovers a secret garden that has been abandoned for many years, she brings the garden back to life and this mirrors her own life renew in the power of friendship and hope. I believe there are so many life lessons here. Flowers and gardens bring happiness to so many, this is one of the many reasons flowers have chosen me in life.

7.The Great Gatsby – this 2013 movie version shows a magnificent FLOWER moment is which it is a explosion of lavish house orchids. (by the way, one of my daughters most favourite book) in where the author of the book (F. Scott Fitzgerald) uses leitmotif of flowers to prove that one can never recreate the past; like a flower, people, relationships, and things are continuously growing and changing and can never return to the way they once were.

Emphasize the character Daisy’s innocence. Gatsby’s Orchids include: Dendrobium, Phaleanopsis, Green Phaleanopsis, Cymbidium. Can we also give a HUGE shout out to Baz Luhrmann who created this visual feast for the eyes and a story not to forget. Thank you Baz!

8. Bridgerton – this Netflix series is a American historical soapy romance based on the collection of novels by Julia Quinn and brought to life by “The Shonda Rhimes”. Can we take a moment as Flowers emerged as a main character? In season one/two floral arrangements were in the backdrop of nearly every scene, and influenced the current trends. In my own shop, I have a “Bridgerton series”!

I did read they use some artificial flowers as well as a lot of fresh flowers. Interesting fact: Hyacinth flower which based on a character, found a gentleman in Holland who grew hundreds for the set. Wisteria graces fences and backdrops. This show is certainly so bingeable! Colourful costumes, opulent manors, palaces, and Julie Andrew wonderful voice narrator, (did I mention that the music is laced with modern/classical) WOW! this show will do your flower heart good by watching.

9. Sweet Home Alabama -The opening scene of this 2002 film begins with an apartment full of flowers complete with a love note! Stars Reese Witherspoon as New York fashion designer Melanie is dating and later engaged to city’s most eligible bachelor. She enters her apartment and flowers grace three living spaces complete with rose petals along the way. Not something you see often in movies where flowers grace entire rooms! This is a CUTE as a button movie and one our family favourites! One of the most beautiful quotes: “The truth is I gave my heart away a long time ago, my whole heart, and I never really got it back”. – Melanie Carmichael. If you are not racing to watch it now, I dunno if you have a heart! Or love flowers! LOL

10.The Godfather – The American gangster epic crime films (including all three) 1972, 1974 and 1990 versions based on books turned into movies directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The plot is set in 1940s begins with the wedding day of Don Vito Corleone (aka The Godfather) on the wedding day of his daughter. Recently re-watching this series and was amazed at the number of flowers in all of scenes.

No doubt due to the time of the movie, all wired flowers! All men are wearing white roses except the Godfather wore a red rose. Flowers symbolize family, and the red illustrates his rank within the family. Unsurprisingly, flowers are used to underline the most important them of The Godfather, Flowers, home and family. In the Corleone estate, gardens/greenery/flowers are abound. The marketing uses the rank of the red rose…..

11. Oliver– “Who will buy my sweet red roses”. The beloved 1960 musical based on Charles Dickens’s classic tale of poverty, strife, and crime in Victorian London has many memorable songs. The red rose seller is the only person to be seen in the wide streets of the early morn selling for one penny, but gradually, more vendors appear and join in with her song, as London comes to life. I feel it has a similar feeling to that of Mary Poppins of “Feed the Birds” in the park. There’s perhaps no scene featuring red roses in cinema that’s as iconic. Both sad and sweet.

12. My Fair Lady – One of my most favourite movie whom stars actresses of all time: Audrey Hepburn, whom plays Eliza Doolittle. (LOVED Audrey Hepburn so much, that my daughter is named after her)

This is a beloved film released in 1964 from Broadway and really is the meeting of two ego’s – Professor Henry Higgins and Flower Girl Eliza Doolittle. Yes, you heard right, a flower seller girl! The very first images we see are the opening credits are shot in flowers with a backdrop of the instrumental music of the film. Carnations and daisies are looking beautiful. Cannot help but think as this may represent Elisa as we see her in the beginning. (Before her makeover to a lady) In its time, won 8 Academy Awards. Well worth revisiting, as show a vintage flower market, as well as when she become a lady, beautiful blooms at the races and in her home. Can we talk about this fashion? Compliments the flowers as well! Unable to find the name of the florist associated with movie. If you know, please comment below so we can give them credit! I did struggle as so many images I could have used here! If you love flowers, watch the opening scene! Worth your time!

13.Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – well okay, let’s get one thing straight: Our household is team Edward! While this may not be everyone’s taste, our family loved the books and the movies! When they FINALLY married and showcased the beautiful wedding scene where Edward and Bella marry. We were excited to see this fairytale flowers in this woodland event. The flowers are STUNNING! I dare you are not blown away by the florals! Be still my beating flower heart! GORGOUS!

14. Aladdin - this live action recent update brought by Disney in 2019 is a feast for the flowers. This story is set in ancient Arabia, where a local street urchin Aladdin wishes to marry princess Jasmine. Aladdin is a “diamond in the rough” (aren’t’ we all?) He stumbles across a magic lamp and a genie offers him three wishes. He wishes to be a prince to woo princess Jasmine, this is where the flowers in the cinema really begin to take centre stage

I loved the original 1992 Disney cartoon more than the live action, however they did showcase flowers in a spectator fashion! If you have not watched the original (even if you do not have children) It is as the song would say “A whole new world"

I feel like I have some “honorable mentions”:

Alice in Wonderland – This beloved 1951 Disney children’s classic is a lovely version. All the flowers are singing Tulips, daffodils, daisies, lilies, snapdragons, and chrysanthemums all join in to create a wondrous floral chorus. It is not to be missed! I did not forget Tim Burton’s version, but for me, the cartoon wins hands down! FYI: fully respect all things Tim Burton – Edward Scissorhands is a favourite and the movie “Big Fish” had a gorgeous yellow daffodil field scene too!

City Lights – Charlie Chaplin silent film shot in 1929, is a beautiful flower girl scene is a picture of pure kindness as she is a blind girl selling flowers. A gentleman falls in love with a blind girl whom is selling flowers. If you have not seen it, please do! This film portrays a great love story about putting the other person first. (Whilst getting a glimpse of flowers of the time albeit in black and white)

The Hunger Games – (Also one of my daughter’s fav books/movies) This 2012 movie shows off flowers of the silent star in the background of the movie. Some of the characters names: Primrose, Katniss’ sister, is named after the primula (the same flower that Peeta will plant in his garden after the girl’s death and interesting enough: are not all that hardy), while Rue is named after a particular yellow flower that we find in the District 12. Further symbolises the beauty and innocence of a child that has just been sacrificed for entertainment. Last, the symbol of President Snow is a white rose, promise of revenge. which recalls the extremely scented roses with which he surrounded himself to avoid that the blood’s smell coming from his mouth wounds, made by poison, spreads around.

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowships of the Ring – This 2001 film by Peter Jackson based on the novels by J.R.R Tolkien shows the homeland of the hobbits of Middle-earth named “the shire”, described as a peaceful place and the imagery both written and visual are stunning. Flowers adore all the hobbits homes. Think of English cottage style set in other world. Some of the flowers pictured were Pink Lavender, English Mace, Achillea chrysocoma 'Grandiflora' Achillea ptarmica 'Double Diamond'. Loved the movies, and then fell in love with the novels! Seem to have gone the backwards on this one! Now have this series on Audible and love it. If you have not seen the movies, you will enjoy! Good verses evil, with good prevailing! Who does not love a good story with gorgeous visuals of flowers! One of my favourite quotes: “Not all those who wander are lost” – Bilbo

Flower Shop Mystery: Mum’s the Word | Hallmark Movies and Mysteries – Abby Knight is the proud owner of her hometown flower shop and her bouquet is found at a murder scene of a professor and former attorney-turned-small-town-florist, finds herself as the main suspect. Okay, everyone it is Hallmark and so fun and easy to watch! Normally, I grab my hot cocoa at Christmas time for Hallmark films however this series is too cute to not mention AND to watch! Easy viewing and fun for the whole family!

Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea - This is the 1985 miniseries which I reckon I know must know by heart. Enchanting series that follows the orphan Anne Shirley (Anne spelled with a E) follows her life from young adolescent to woman. In this scene, she receives boxed roses from Captain Harris. This was the first time I ever laid eyes on boxed roses, and was immediately charmed. Also scenes with Anne picking flowers from her garden at Green Gables and a scene in the beginning carefully called "the Avenue". Anne of course renames this to White way of delight.

The books and miniseries are just heartwarming. Filled with ol fashioned charm of time past.

Originally based on books by LM Montgomery, this Anne series is steeped in rich language. This miniseries is my all time favorite. YES, I did watch the new one on Netflix, annddd I must say parts of it I liked, but overall preferred the 1985 hands down. Too much of a departure from the original.

Well, that is my top 14 list of Cinema/Screen inspired by flowers. I hope you enjoyed and would love to hear what movies have inspired your floral love? My flower heart would love to hear it.

Sending you flowers and sunshine

Chief Flower Wanderer Wendy

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